5 Signs That May Help You Recognize The Manipulative Person In Your Life

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5 Signs That May Help You Recognize The Manipulative Person In Your Life

It is impossible to judge a person as soon as you see them. It takes a while for us to understand who they really are and what their intentions are.

We come across a lot of people on a day-to-day basis among which some become very close to us in a short time period. We develop a liking for them and hold them close to us as time passes by. However, not all of them may have the right intentions. While it is impossible to analyze them thoroughly the day we meet them, there are some ways by which we can safeguard ourselves from manipulative people.

Here a few ways that can keep you away from getting hurt by such people:

1. They make you the bad guy

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It doesn't matter what you did or said because the other person is always the victim and you are always the perpetrator. Even if you were reasonable and did not have any bad intentions, this person points their finger at you. Not only do they blame you in person but they also manipulate your other friends into believing you are the bad person. They play the minds of others and paint a different picture filled with lies.

2. They make and break relationships easily

Their cheerful and attractive personality is hard to resist and they make a lot of friends easily. But all those friendships are not important to them. For a manipulative person, these friendships are just a way to connect to useful people. They will drain you out, use you for all your resources but will disappear as soon as it's all done.

3. They play with your feelings

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They take advantage of the good person you are and you eventually turn into a puppet of their choice. They know that you are a kind and empathetic person and will get what they need by playing with your feelings., If you want to say, you will end up saying yes to it just because it hit your soft spot. You might not be able to realize it soon but with every passing experience, you will see that you are being manipulated and played in believing something untrue.

4. They have manipulated others 

A person's past is a great way to verify things about them. If you constantly have others telling you to stay away from a particular person, it is important to do a small background check.  See if they have caused others similar experiences and also find out the whole story before making a decision. Once you find out, make sure you let go of that person than waiting for them to cause damage in your life.

5. They are always impatient

 A manipulative person may be an adamant one. They might have had a clear plan in their minds and their main aim is to implement it all in their way. They would get irritated if you interrupt them or disrupt their plans. Moreover, they are people who want to listen to your sad and unpleasant stories. You will never find them ready to give you their ears when in distress. They would mostly move on to find other people.Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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