Depending on where you sit– how you approach micro-blogging with Twitter, will differ. After all, when you only have 140 characters, you need to get the most bang for your buck. Some tweets hit the nail on the head, make a point, provide useful information and make a difference.

A good reference on Twitter can be found on The Wall Street Journal’s Blog Post, “Birds of a Feather Twitter Together.”

Below are some interesting recent examples of how Twitter has been used:

used Twitter to provide an update regarding service:
“Service to impacted Midwest customers should now be restored.”

used Twitter to communicate news about the plane crash in New York.
“NY Plane Crash: News reports indicate that family members can call for information on their loved ones.”

tied Twitter messaging in with posts on their blog regarding volunteering in your community:
“Pledge to volunteer in your community for 5 hours we’ll give you a free cup of coffee.”

used Twitter to communicate ways to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.
“is asking you to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr by volunteering in your area. Visit or text SERVE to 56333 for info.”

, Tony Hsieh used twitter to communicate personal observations about the Inauguration.
“Amazing view at Inauguration, looking towards Washington monument seeing more people together in one place than ever seen before in my life.”

used Twitter for weather advisory:
“Winter weather in the Northeast may cause delays or cancellations. Check your flight’s status at”

used Twitter to communicate business statistics:
New Study by Nielsen: 82% consumers & small biz use search but only 44% small biz have web sites & 1/2 spend less than 10% of mktg $ online.”

used Twitter to communicate company news:
“By the end of the quarter, all 10 million songs will be DRM-free.”

If you’re not sure how to use Twitter to communicate your message, you may want to follow some twitter pages for awhile to see how others are using it. If you’re looking for some suggestions of businesses to follow, Twibs can help.

Have a recommendation of a business, non-profit, or cause-related twitter to follow?  Let us know.