Sometimes when I find information on news sites and blogs which I’d like to share with our readers–I want to do it before it escapes my mind.

ScribeFire Blog Editor is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser which integrates with FireFox and your existing blog software, to let you “drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, and post to your blog.” I was able to get ScribFire set-up and working with our wordpress blog in no time–and the best part, no snafu.

ScribeFire Blog Editor makes posting a draft, or final piece, a very easy process–and one I’m excited about. In a recent post I described different types of blog writers, and as much as I’d like to be someone who has several works-in-progress at a time, I’m more the “epiphany writer” who taps away on my keyboard when inspiration strikes.

I think with ScribeFire I may make better use of my time and be more productive. Sometimes it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but I have hope!

Are you using ScribeFire-what have your experiences been like?