earthfromspace3.jpgTechnorati  lists the most popular blogs in the blogosphere, measured by the number of people who have linked to them or made it a favorite.  Consider this, at the time of this writing there were: 

816,526 blog reactions to Engadget
252,792 blog reactions to Gizmodo the Gadget Guide
118,836 blog reactions to Boing Boing 

This past week, National Public Radio,(NPR) did a story about Wikipedia Vision (seriously, check out this link!), a new online map which spins across the globe, tracking the changes people make to the encyclopedia. You can see what was edited, when and where. As NPR reported, a wired blogger referred to the online map as a “God-View of the Internet.”

With Web 2.0, people anywhere can start a conversation, broadcast news and video, and now with Wikipedia Vision, can virtually make our mark on the universe. Why do we have the need to do this? I suggest it’s human nature.