Rosemary D’Amour’s post today on The Editors Weblog about Arianna Huffington’s new book, The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, makes me want to purchase a copy right away. The book is described as a “blogging guide which offers tips on how to get started”, as well as Huffington’s point of view.  D’Amour quotes Huffington’s perspective of the blogger’s passion as “an asset that many mainstream journalists lack.”

I’ve run into many bloggers this past year, and can attest to the fact that many appear to have been bitten by the need-to-blog bug.  Since I started blogging, I feel as if I see the world through a wide-angle lens.  I see the effects of social media everywhere–from the discussions at the Thanksgiving table, to the pages of the daily newspaper, TV reports, YouTube videos, podcasts, and the countless number of posts I read on a regular basis.  I “hear” the conversations about blogging filling, what would otherwise be a large void, of “immediacy” information.

You’ve read too, about the effects blogging made on the 2008 Presidential Election, or the blogger-on-the-street reports from Mumbai, Iraq, Afghanistan, Washington, DC, and to the events in your own backyard.

Still, I’m often amazed by the viral conversations that spread across the internet like wildfire–from the positive, insightful comments to the—well, you know the other types I mean.  But the fact that people are talking all hours of the day across the world, about the broadest topics under the sun, is truly exciting.

Oh, what about the book?  Yes, Amazon has a very nice excerpt from Chapter 1, which will have to suffice until my copy arrives.